Voorhees Chapel


5 Chapel Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8526

The Chapel was named after Elizabeth Rodman Voorhees. She was born in May 1841, at Bedminister, NJ; died Sept. 21, 1924, at Clinton, NJ; philanthropist; married Ralph Voorhees in 1887, after a seventeen year engagement; the two spent the remainder of their lives distributing, for charitable purposes, her inheritances from her father and brother. Their philanthropic activities extended from India and China to almost every state in the nation. In addition to the Ralph Voorhees Library at Rutgers dedicated in 1903, Mrs. Voorhees bequeathed her residuary estate amounting to $1,600,000 to the NJ college for Women (Douglass College) for the construction and maintenance of a building for religious purposes. Voorhees Chapel was the result. Source: Catalogue of Buildings and Place Names at Rutgers.

Douglass Residential College
SAS - Women's & Gender Studies
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