Neilson Dining Hall


177 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8557

Neilson Hall was erected in 1961 and named after James Neilson. Neilson was born November 7, 1844 in New Brunswick. He received his A.B. and A.M. (Rutgers College 1866, 1869), his LL.B. (Hamilton College, 1869) and his Hon. Phil.D. (Rutgers University, 1931). He was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1871. Neilson was instrumental in founding the New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1880, and later became the Acting Director of the Experiment Station from 1890-93, the President of the Board of Managers of the Experiment Station, 1913. Neilson was also a member of the Board of Managers for the New Jersey College for Women in 1918 and a Trustee of Rutgers College from 1886-1936. In addition to these accomplishments, Neilson gave 193 acres of land to Rutgers, New Jersey College for Women, and the College of Agriculture as well as money gifts. He died February 19, 1937 in New Brunswick. Source: Catalouge of Buildings and Place Names at Rutgers; Alumni Files (Archives)

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